Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ok, so obviously I have failed at this whole blogging thing. However, I am back! With my handy dandy android, it should be easier than ever to blog.

updates on life coming soon...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ode to Car

I killed my car...

I suppose I should have expected it. She's been through a lot: the victim of two hit and runs, a fender bender (not my fault! I wasn't even in the car!), 2 keyings, being covered in glow paint (never park anywhere close to a high school on New Year's Eve) in the past year alone! The sunroof recently stopped working. There have been some brake issues...oil leaks...overheating. She had like 300,000 miles on her (ok, I'm slightly exaggerating, but only slightly!). But she had almost brand new tires!

No name ever stuck with her. At the end, it's the small things you regret. So I posthumously name her Sheila....no. Cora? Neona? Georgina! Yeah, that'll work.

For Georgina

Though damaged, your outside,
A beautiful mix of blue-gray
Almost a home, your inside,
An absence which will cause much dismay
Of many miles
No one can deny
You had your fair share
But you gave me many smiles
I cannot lie
No other car will ever compare

After high school graduation from Dekalb School of the Arts in Atlanta, GA. 
May, 2006
I really wish I had done this after graduating from UGA.

This is all quite timely, really (minus the not having transportation part, which is a problem since I commute to teach almost everyday). Everything else is changing, I suppose my car should too. It's time to move on. She got me all the way through college. I sure will miss her tho.

In other news:

things I enjoyed doing yesterday
editing music
googling impressively
dyeing my brother's hair

So maybe I'll be a hair stylist who specializes in research and choreographs dances and creates music for hair shows when I grow up?

I'll close with some old pictures of me being a safe driver:

on I-20 outside of Atlanta
Summer, 2007

with my darling brother, Jay

Just dance it out y'all :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

let's start from the very beginning...

yay... now what?

2010 has been a NUTS year for me. So many things are going on!

I graduated in May with an undergraduate degree in Dance. I know. What can I do with that? Since the beginning of this year I think I've had 3 different life plans, but they've all changed. 

Here's all I know..

What I Am Doing With My Life

teaching dance

What I Want to Be Doing With My Life


So here I'll talk about what I'm exploring, what adventures I'm enjoying, and any decisions I actually make... Let me know what you think. Any input is helpful at this point...  :P